The famous electric piano sound of Yamaha DX7, combined with 24 bit studio grade Reverb and Delay. DX7 PIANO is designed to be controlled via MIDI. Use a USB MIDI keyboard with USB OTG cable to connect to your phone/tablet. The electric piano sound is the famous patch from the popular classic synth YAMAHA DX7. The playback latency, which is a great problem for the android devices is solved in DX7 Piano. The Synth DX7 Piano has a powerful low level native engine which allows a Zero Latency on a great number of devices. Enjoy.
– Full 8 octave via midi keyboard
– Pitch bend midi controlled
– Modulation midi controlled
– 24 bit studio grade Reverb
– 24 bit studio grade Delay
– Perfect Yamaha DX7 electric piano patch emulation.


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