Ever wondered what it is to play on a TB-303 with keyboard?

Well, Synth TB-303 is a Keyboard Synthesizer version [NO SEQUENCER!] of the famous Roland TB-303 with zero latency. Use MIDI OTG cable to connect, play and control all parameters via MIDI. Synth TB-303 recreates the originial sound synthesis and is not PCM sample based, but a real sound synthesizer with almost original oscillators envelopes, filters and portamento glide. (TB-303 has a specific diode ladder filter). In addition there are added 24 bit studio grade reverb and delay effects. Synth TB-303 is a monophonic synthesizer suitable for a funky basslines and hot solos.

Rockrelay Zero latency of course!



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  1. All the parameters are MIDI conrolled
    Synth TB-303 MIDI CC#
    MIDI CC 70 – Wave Form
    MIDI CC 71 – Resonanse Filter
    MIDI CC 72 – Decay
    MIDI CC 73 – Accent
    MIDI CC 74 – Cutoff Filter
    MIDI CC 75 – Slide Time
    MIDI CC 76 – Env Mode
    MIDI CC 77 – Drive
    MIDI CC 78 – Filter Mode

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